Kristina - Makeup artist

A way to enhance your natural beauty.

Currently based in Leicester. Kristina provides unique makeup service for weddings, occasions and photoshoots to those in the media and entertainment industry looking to build their portfolios. Additionally, she offers brow treatments and face massage services at KEP beauty studio.

As a makeup artist, Kristina loves to bring out a woman’s most beautiful features, that she naturally possesses. Her signature makeup is elegant, modern and red carpet worthy.  She says: “Just a light touch of a brush, a pinch of creativity with elegance and you are ready to shine.” She wants every client to leave her chair feeling the most confident.

She has been in the beauty industry niche for over 19 years. Following her passion, she studied makeup artistry and fashion styling in Europe and the UK.  

She specializes in styling individuals for photoshoots. Every experience is distinctive and that’s what make her work special.  She is always open to teamwork with hairstylists, photographers and models.

KEP beauty won Makeup salon of the year at English Hair & Beauty Industry Awards 2022.

KEP beauty
49 Park Rise
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