Egle will pamper and care for your hair and will ensure that you leave with the best results and a smile on your face. Hairdressing services offered by our professional stylist Egle:

Ladies’ and Gent’s 


Blow outs

Hair Colouring


Balayage and Ombre

Hair and scalp treatments


All-Over Hair Colour

All-over hair colour is sometimes called “single-process” hair colour because it involves applying a single shade to your hair.

There are three levels of permanence when it comes to single-process hair colour:

  • Permanent: formula contains ammonia and peroxide which chemically change the colour of your hair. This chemical change is what makes it “permanent”.

  • Demi-permanent: contains no ammonia, but does contain peroxide to help hair absorb colour. Generally washes out in 12 to 24 shampoos.

  • Semi-permanent: contains no ammonia and colour is deposited on the surface of the hair, acting more like a stain. Generally washes out in about 6 to 12 shampoos.


Balayage:This popular technique creates super-soft, sun kissed colours throughout the hair. It’s adhieved by leaving natural colour in between lighter pieces and backcombing the coloured pieces to soften any lines. It can also be done by painting diagonal sections of the hair and leaving sections in between completely natural. Balayage is a low-maintenance ‘lived-in’ style that’s subtle, but can be built up over time –perfect when you’re ready to hit refresh but don’t want a major overhaul. It works on most hair types and colours, and can transform a one-tonal solid colour into ribbons of different shades.

Ombre melts darker roots into brighter ends. It’s a lot more obvious than balayage because there’s no definition of natural colour through the ends. The process has come a long way since it first started – it used to be a very noticeable transition, whereas now the techniques professionals use ensure a more seamless blend.

Foil highlights technique can be more high-maintenance than others, however, depending on the number of highlights you apply and the shade you choose. Since the application is done close to the scalp, roots are more visible when hair starts to grow out.

AirTouch original technique is based on fine, thin sections and instead of weaving and teasing, we’re using cool air from a blow dryer to separate natural shorter pieces—baby hair—from long sections.Absolutely blended colouring with natural-looking effects, paired with soft , dimension that will survive the grow-out.

Hair Toner/Glossing often sound confusing but they actually fall easily into two categories. They’re either an in-salon colour that hairdressers use to finish your colour treatment or a purple/silver/blue shampoo you use at home when you have blond hair.

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