Kobido means “former path to beauty”. The roots of the Japanese face lifting massage, originate from the XV century. This unique massage, naturally lifts the face through facial shiatsu therapy.

The specific technique used is called Anma. Some describe this technique as if the therapist’s fingers are dancing on the client’s skin. Anma boosts the lymphatic drainage in the face and neck through paced and rhythmic movements creating the balance between physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Anma technique includes:

· Light Pressing/stroking

· Grasping/kneading

· Strengthening

· Compressing

· Vibrating

· Tapping

· Special knocking

· Improves skin hydration

· Promotes elasticity and firmness

· Stimulates lymphatic drainage

· Relaxes the nervous system

· Produces a natural lifting effect

· Prevents and reduces wrinkles

· Relaxes muscular tension

· Mind and body relaxation

· Removes tension

· Improves well-being

· Balances the flow of energy

· Affects internal organ functions through reflexogenic zones

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Benefits of Kobido – Japanese Face Massage

Energetic – reflexotherapy